Catering Supervisor

Grandiose Catering

Mid Level
Abu Dhabi Dubai

Job Description

  • Provide administrative support to the Catering.
  • Ensure efficient communication between all departments.
  • Handle all Catering inquiries and ensure timely follow up on the same business day.
  • Take small bookings repeat or new, as required. Any larger more detailed requests for bookings, proposals or negotiations are to be passed on to the F & B Manager.
  • Prepare and send out all correspondence concerning: Function Contracts and Terms & Conditions
  • Maintaining an accurate filing system for the Catering department.
  • Maintain an accurate tracking of signed Function Contracts, Terms & Conditions,
  • Keep an accurate and detailed function book.
  • Handles property sites with clients.
  • Assists in the preparation of Sales Promotions & Mailings.
  • Attends all Catering & Sales Promotions meetings as requested.
  • Attend all required training sessions.

Job Functions

  1. Make sure that all stock used is fresh and high quality.
  2. Control storage methods.
  3. Make sure quality has the same importance.
  4. Show expertise and imagination in adapting services to product availability / quality and seasonal products.
  5. On daily basis, make suggestions and proposed attractive and varied menus.
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