26 October 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Grandiose Supermarket has announced a significant expansion plan that is ongoing implementation in the UAE market. With 12 new store openings planned for Q4 2022, the supermarket chain is one of the fastest growing retailers in the UAE, with plans to have a total of 30 outlets by the end of 2022.

Much encouraged by market response, Grandiose Supermarket plans to open an additional 15 -20 new outlets in 2023, the announcement coinciding with its fifth-year anniversary since its launch in the UAE.

James Scott, CEO of Grandiose Supermarket, said: “We aim to provide families an unparalleled grocery shopping experience where Grandiose becomes a common destination for the diverse community to come and shop together. The expansion has been in the pipeline since multiple business cycles with the chain utilising the recovery time post COVID to bring our understanding of evolved customer behaviour and market needs into final execution.” He further added, “Our goal is to become the number one grocery retailer that promotes, highlights, and actively advocates sustainability, family values and a sincere feel of a like-minded community. By coming closer to every neighbourhood of the UAE, we are looking forward to Grandiose becoming an echoing household name synonymous with quality, sustainability, and now also convenience.”

Commenting on the announcement, Suresh Vaidhyanathan, Group CEO of Ghassan Aboud Group, said: Retail plays is a key catalyst in our investments within the food value chain that includes catering, distribution, digital platforms and our partnership with Abu Dhabi Ports group, the Abu Dhabi Food Hub – KEZAD. Ghassan Aboud Group is committed to investing in UAE’s stated goals for food security and high standards of consumer care. Grandiose is a compelling value proposition for our customers who are looking for freshness at its best, in a family friendly and sociable setting. Therefore, we are seeking to ensure the availability of Grandiose outlets across all key locations in the UAE.”

The new stores will uphold the same reputation of being environmentally conscious with the chain’s ongoing sustainability initiatives being practiced across all locations. The new chain of outlets will also cater to online customers with deliveries facilitated through the recently launched energy-efficient and electric fleet. Grandiose’s home delivery business has grown exponentially on the back of its high standards in online experience and timely fulfillment.

Sustainability focus

Sustainability remains as a core value and differentiator for Grandiose Supermarkets. In addition to being the first retail chain to completely replace single-use plastic bags at check out with free-of-cost paper bags in 2017, Grandiose works to continually add more initiatives to its extensive sustainability portfolio. The plastic free initiative has already enabled the chain to save over 15 million plastic bags which could otherwise kill 100,000 marine animals each year. Through initiatives such as these, consumers are encouraged to consume sustainably while promoting environmentally friendly habits.

Alongside an internal ban on single-use plastic shopping bags, Grandiose has also invested in shopping trolleys made of recycled ocean plastic alongside energy efficient refrigeration and cold storage. In September, the sustainable supermarket also launched a completely new delivery fleet with controlled emissions, having a mix of e-bikes and low-fuel bikes offering higher mileage.