With about 4 million health services, more than 3 million relief services, 23 thousand students educated and multiple human rights services, Orient for Human Relief (OHR) releases a report on its various activities during the last decade.

Orient for Human Relief (OHR), the independent organization, recently released a report on all of the activities it carried out over the last decade, many of which aim to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged through the time of crisis and to enable them to live a healthy lifestyle physically and psychologically. OHR’s activities also intend to educate and empower individuals to learn and enter the workforce.

The non-profit, non-governmental organization functions from its centres in America, Bulgaria, Turkey and others, and is a member of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the first Arab member of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA).

Over the last decade and specifically in the preceding year, OHR paid great attention to healthcare especially since the rise of the COVID19 pandemic that led to a scarcity of medication and a shortage of proper healthcare in many countries in crisis.

OHR’s contributions to the health sector reached about 4 million patients whom the organization helped by performing various healthcare services, examinations and diagnosis and distributing crucial medications that are usually high in cost or out of reach.

Furthermore, the organization helped recover over two million and six thousand patients in Turkey and various other countries through its 47 hospitals, medical centres and clinics specialized in general medicine, internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, physical therapy and dentistry.

OHR also offered more than 3 million services in the Relief Sector with the help of various partners such as Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, Kuwait Society for Human Rights, Othman Bin Affan Foundation and Action Medeor.

The services included the establishment of eight refugee camps providing shelter for more than two thousand families. Other campaigns were also launched to secure medications and medical supplies, vaccinations and vitamins as well as equipment for people with determination.

Further, in its endeavour to limit the spread of COVID19 the organization has introduced preventive supplies to many of the areas in need.

Besides, Orient for Human Relief coordinated with its partners to provide food kits and packages and winter kits with heaters, plastic insulators for tents, clothes and blankets.

Orient for Human Relief acknowledged the importance of learning and education and the importance of availing it to all interested community members thus, it launched five schools in different locations in addition to a virtual school and a school for overachievers.

OHR schools have successfully taught over 23 thousand students from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The schools and training centres cover several subjects such as languages, computer science, social studies, and others and offer multiple amenities such as sports stadiums, theatres, research laboratories, as well as psychological counselling.

On enabling and empowering individuals to join the workforce, OHR has sponsored and trained many women in sewing and provided them with the equipment necessary to start their professional careers. It also inaugurated a mosaic centre in Turkey, presenting great employment opportunities for locals, including people of determination who got impacted by wars. The mosaic workshop today hosts a total of over 3000 mosaic murals.

Moreover, in its eagerness to achieve justice, Orient for Human Relief collaborated with Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) in the USA to launch the Orient Center for Documentation and Human Rights. The centre works on legal documentation of human rights violations. Since its inauguration in 2014, the centre has documented a total of 23 thousand victims of about 5,000 different violations.

OHR’s efforts received appreciation from several parties, including the Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS), the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and the World Health Organization (WHO), in addition to appreciation from Ilhovo, Bulgaria, and recognition from local committees.

Orient for Human Relief welcomes new partnerships and collaborations with organizations interested in securing a better and safer life for the ones in need.

Source: Zawya